How to Index Backlinks?

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How to Index Backlinks with different ways: we can index backlinks force fully or also backlinks some time index easily in natural way, if you want to index your backlinks fast or in unnatural way or force fully then you need to do some task for backlinks to index your link in google.

Why we need to index our Backlinks - Backlinks is like backbone (as we know) for Ranking. first made backlinks then wait for organically index by google, you need to just wait for 1 week if your links not indexed in search engine, then apply these steps to index all links.

If your backlinks are not indexed you can't get any benefits in search engine for ranking factors. if you want to get good benefits in search engine, start making backlinks and work for indexing factor. after backlinks index you will get benefits in ranking. 

How to index backlinks - 

1. Blogger - It's one of the best way or trending way to index your backlinks. we just need to put your backlinks with some 300 words article in blogger post. after publish post you need to fetch post link in webmaster/search console. after fetch you can check after some time your post in dex in search engine and google also find your backlinks in post than also index those links for index purpose.

it's over all overview to work with blogger, but some things you need to maintain properly
  • don't use lengthy content or long paragraphs.
  • use quality images in content to attract users.
  • you can use infographics in blog.
  • optimize your keywords in content.
You can also use other web 2.0 blogs - 
2. Google+ - Google+ is also one of the way to put your links in post, this way you can also index your link easily. google always give periority to our products, so you can get benefits easily. but on 3rd march,2019 google+ was shut down for always.

3. 3 tire backlinks - It's also on of the amazing to index you backlinks in google, if you want to index your backlinks force fully. you need to make backlinks and put all backlinks in other one post and publish and fetch as same in blogger, that collect that post link and put that links in any dofollow/nofollow sites that have very good traffic.

4. Ping - It's one of old way to index backlinks, in this way you just need to put your backlinks in ping site, than this site bookmark your link in different sites. when you get some clicks from users, your site will index in google.

5. Indexing tools  - These tools are working online. some tools are free and also available in paid version. same process as ping you need to put your link in any site to index. these indexing sites will help to index you sites easily. but you need to take care before submit your link, because some time these sites will put your link in spam sites.

6. Social Bookmarking - we can use bookmarking sites for indexing, bookmarking sites provide you traffic on your link. if your link will get some hits on your sites then google will index your link fast because of users visit organically.

you can share your backlinks list in different different social media groups with intrested people. when you get hits from others on links, your backlinks will index fast.

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List of backlinks to index -


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