How Can You Increase Your Facebook Followers?

1. Fill out your profile completely
Writing an awesome bio with one or two select keywords or hashtags

Adding your URL and location — URL is great for adding context, location is great for getting found via search and geographic tools.

Uploading a profile picture and cover photo.

Experimenting with adding emoji to your name

2. Share a link to your profile via other networks and via email
Share with your Facebook friends that you’ve started a Facebook Page or New account. Add an announcement to your next company newsletter or in an email to friends.

3. Include a Follow button on your website or blog

Facebook offers some types of buttons that you can use to help visitors connect with you on Facebook Like:-

Share a link
The Follow button is the most direct means of gaining more followers. You can place it in a popular place on your website or blog.

4. Find relevant accounts to follow
Many users on Facebook, Twitter, will follow back those who follow them. This is a popular strategy for those just starting out on Facebook to help connect with others, User can customize the information they see on Facebook, which makes following tons of people all the easier to manage.

Sign up for a free tool like Tweepi or Followerwonk so you can see a list of followers for other users in your niche.
Optimize this list of followers by sorting it by recent activity.
Follow up to 100 of these new folks per, whoever seems relevant and interesting to you.

5. Use relevant hashtags
When you use a hashtag, people outside of those you follow will be exposed to your tweet. To find the best hashtags to use, there’s a great app called Focalmark that allows you to generate relevant hashtags based on the topic or theme you’re looking for.

6. Post content relevant to current events
This case study shows how a business combined the power of a giveaway with the relevancy of a 2016 election. Their marketing included “Breaking News” video clips to tell a story about the giveaway, and to parody election coverage. The giveaway collected 126k entries, so just imagine the traffic they were able to drive to their Facebook Page!

7. Engage with users
You’ll obviously need to respond to comments and messages directed at you, whether they’re questions, complaints or compliments. The last thing you want is for people to think you’re ignoring them.

8. Promote the exclusive deals you’re offering on your Facebook Page
It’s not enough to offer exclusive deals on your Facebook Page — you have to tell people about them. From your online store, website, blog, Instagram posts, etc., say something like, “Want to get 30% off? Go to our Facebook Page for deals like this one and tons more.”

9. Ask participants to Like your Page as a step to participating in a contest or giveaway
Although it’s against Facebook’s Page Guidelines to require participants to Like or Share your contest when entering, you can always ask them to. For example, your “Steps to Enter” could read, “1. Like this Page, 2. Fill in the Form, etc.

10. Promote the exclusive info you post on your Facebook Page
From your website, blog, or other social media sites, direct people to find the info they’re looking for on your Facebook Page. In the example I mentioned earlier, a ski resort could keep their Facebook Page updated with snow conditions, times for lift lines, etc. The ski resort could post one static message on their website saying, “For the latest snow conditions, parking, and lift line length, visit us on Facebook.”


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