B.Tech Distance Education in Noida

B.Tech Distance Education in Noida (Correspondence)- In distance education, B.Tech is Four year Course available in Noida. the Course Duration may vary according to Institute/colleges/University Term and conditions.
Distance education is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. Today it’s known as online education. Distance education (or distance learning) is a form of education where the teacher and the student are not at the same physical location. It follows that the teaching must be done via some kind of medium. like Print, film, television, computer web sources have been used.
Eligibility B.Tech Distance Education in Noida
  • The candidates must complete their 10+2 from any board in India or from any other country
  • In many colleges, it conducts entrance exams and percentage of 12th class for the admission of students.
Duration B.Tech Distance Education in Noida
The Duration of This Course is Four Years. But in some Colleges/Institute duration may be Different
List of entrance exams for B.Tech:
Job Types B.Tech Distance Education in Noida
One who has successfully completed (B.Tech) Bachelor of technology degree in any of its discipline will be designated as “Engineer”.  after successfully completing B.Tech Degree you have many options in both government and the private sector.
B.Tech Colleges in Noida
  • Government Post Graduate College, Noida
  • Amity University, Noida
  • University of Delhi
  • Bennett University School of Arts, Noida
  • Sharda University, Noida
  • Gautam Buddha University School of Humanity and Social Science, Noida
The initial salary of an engineering graduate will be Rs 20,000 to 30,000/PM. After the experience, you may get the good salary in this field. Remuneration of experienced graduates will be 5 lacs to 10+ lacs per annum depending upon organization you are working for.
Noida: Noida is located in Uttar Pradesh state. Noida was ranked as the Best City in Uttar Pradesh and the Best City in Housing in all of India in awards showed by abp news in 2015  Noida has emerged as a hot spot for IT and IT-enabled services industry with many large companies setting up their businesses here.


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