How to get your digital marketing organized and motivated?

One thing that causes many businesses abandon efforts to succeed in online marketing is that it’s extremely overwhelming.
How many SEO reports have you seen? I’ve seen hundreds of them. They may be indepth, insightful and totally to the point but very few of them are organized to the point when they can be actually actionable or useful.
In many cases even bigger businesses with large in-house marketing teams give up on an idea to ever get digital marketing organized. There’s usually a well-defined goal and even a solid strategy but there’s rarely an actionable step-by-step actionable roadmap that would allow that strategy to ever be realized.
The thing is, digital marketing can be quite overwhelming: There are too many interconnected pieces to put together and there are too many simultaneous processes to keep an eye on, especially prior and during the launch or a project or a new campaign.
I am a big believer in getting organized, so here are a few tools for you to go from planning into implementing:

Productive Planning: Agendas, Checklists, and Due Dates

I don’t like marketing meetings. Not only because it’s a major time waster (taking away my time from actually getting things done), but also because meetings seldom give anyone an actionable plan of where to go from there.
It’s true that marketing meetings are necessary evil though: You need to hear other team members’ perspectives, brainstorm together and discuss possible outcomes from anything you have planned. But to make those meetings at least somewhat productive, you always need to have an agenda.


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